CAAPID Application Support

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The Application process for dental programs abroad is truly one of a kind procedure which you might have never come across in the past.

CV, Dental Grades, Language Test Scores, SOP, LORs, Critical and Supplemental Essays: Each component of this integrated application process is designed to help the admission committee gauge your capability and check whether you are the ideal fit for their dental program.

Integrated CAAPID Application Process: A Golden Opportunity to Score an Interview

Dental programs, especially in the US, look for a well-rounded profile: In addition to your scores and grades, your CV, SOP, LOR & Essays form a major pillar on which your application stands on.

While the grades, test scores, and INBDE/NBDE eligibility reflect your preliminary technical and professional aptitude, CV represents your work and research experience. SOP, LOR & Supplemental Essays perfectly communicates your personal motivation and zeal towards your dental career.

This integrated application process gives an excellent chance for the dental aspirants to showcase their skills, talent, and all-round candidature to the admission committee. When perfectly crafted, these non-technical pillars can make your application a stand-out, maximizing your chances of scoring an interview invitation.

As an Abroad Dental Aspirant, you are always on a race against time

After giving your INBDE/NBDE exam , the next herculean task, which is in a way more important and the task that makes your application stand apart from other students is your overall application.

In all of the process time plays an important role. Here at ADA, our experienced faculty help you with all the application process at each step, until you pass through it.

Our solution:

Integrated CAAPID Application Support by USA Certified Dentists:

Integrated Application Service by Abroad Dental Academy is a stand-alone service where our US-certified Dentists help aspirants receive complete A to Z support for the application process.

And here’s how our US-certified experts can help abroad dental aspirants with their application:

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Meet our experts one on one, to discuss a plan of action about CAAPID Application based on students academic background and achievements

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It’s time to make changes . Our experts will make and implement changes as per planning and update them.

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Just got first interview letter , it is time to practice for Bench test