India’s One & Only Class-Room and Online Program
For Bench Test Prep by US-Certified Dentists

Every year thousands of Abroad Dental aspirants plan, prepare and ace the NBDE/INBDE with flying colours and yet often falter at the last hurdle: The Bench Test. The standard and rigorous testing procedure that evaluates your tooth preparations has become a steep hurdle for the dental aspirant to cross.

It’s not that the dental aspirants do not prepare well for the Bench test, they do. But evidently, the preparation is simply not enough to cross the ever-high hurdle of Bench Test.

Here’s why:

  • As a student we put less focus on typodont preparations. We do prepare and practice , but not perfect enough to master it at a standard that gets you into USA dental schools.
  • Preparing a patient's tooth is completely different in many ways when compared to perfecting the typodont preparations. Typodont preparation needs an absolute skill, precision and mastery that can only be achieved with intensive practice and guidance.

With our expert guidance, aspirants will have an extra edge over other students.

Bench test is all about demonstrating your tooth preparation skills matching to the highest standard, down to the one-tenth of a millimetre. Even though dental aspirants cover the gigantic material and learn the preparations in limited time, it could be difficult to reach that standard and compete with other students competing with you from other countries, and there is no scope for error here.

The majority of the dental aspirants only realize this after 2 to 3 unsuccessful admission cycles while losing dearly in terms of time, money, and opportunities.

What if

  • So do all applicants have to go through the same cycle and give up in the end?
    - Absolutely NOT.

  • You learn everything from bottom up, the exact standard way from the expert US Dentists themselves?

  • You perfect your preparations under the watchful eyes of the US-certified dentists, day after day in until you become a true master?

  • There is one ultimate personalized , intensive class-room and online session that makes everything above possible for you? Just one master course to ace the bench tests of all universities.

  • Sounds like success, right?
    Yes, it is.