INBDE/NBDE Test Preparation

Now that you have decided to pursue your USA dental dream, we welcome you to this arduous yet rewarding admission process you are about to begin!

It is not a one-stop destination where you jump your way to the admission, it is a marathon in a way that the entire admission process is designed to perfectly gauge the knowledge and skills of the candidate in the most comprehensive manner possible. A marathon where the entire race is segmented into rounds that are dedicated to test the skill of the applicant.

And in this process the first step is the Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE).

Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE):

INBDE is a standardized examination that perfectly evaluates the aspirant’s conceptual understanding of various dental disciplines and the implementation of their clinical expertise thoroughly. And passing INBDE is a preliminary requirement to apply for dental schools abroad.

From August 2020 both the examinations (NBDE Part 1 & 2) are replaced by one standardized INBDE.

INBDE vs NBDE Part 1 & Part 2:

Though the two hurdles (NBDE Part 1 & NBDE Part2) are reduced into one (INBDE), the bar has now been set a bit higher making it more challenging for the dental aspirants around the world.

  • Though INBDE retains the testing of foundational and developmental aspects of dental disciplines, what makes INBDE more challenging than NBDEs is its enhanced focus on the relevance of the basic sciences in terms of clinical application.
  • The test items of the INBDE require the aspirants to integrate several disciplines like basic dental sciences, clinical skills, and behavioural sciences to come up with the right answers.

And this INBDE is a radical shift that rocks the boat of dental aspirants who have been long accustomed to the conventional testing methods and exam prep methodologies. These new testing methods demand a major overhaul of learning methods, test-taking procedures, overall strategy and planning of the INBDE test prep.

The INBDE is designed with a basic premise of identifying the perfect dental candidate with right dental aptitude and clinical application skills.

And who else is better than Our US-certified dentists to help clear the INBDE/NBDE exam, for Indian students?

Our USA certified dentists, who themselves went through this process will help you strategize, plan, and prepare for the most challenging preliminary dental examination.

As the INBDE/ NBDE pattern is Pass/Fail, you don’t need to score cent percent. All you need is a right strategy to pass it in a smart way by focussing on high yield concepts and topics. All you need is passion to learn and work hard. Rest will be taken care of by our experts and our tailored Class-room or Online INBDE/NBDE Coaching program, so that you can clear the exam.